K12 Free Market Education

k12 free market education, free market

Why K12 Free Market Education?

Most kids entering college have already made up their minds about a lot of issues, and often think of capitalism as a negative.  In order to change the minds of the future generation, someone has to be talking about the merits of the free market system at a younger age.

How do we engage younger children?

We work with educators to facilitate materials such as videos, articles and books promoting free market ideas among K-12 students.  We work with students by offering monetary rewards for essays promoting free market ideas.  We promote clubs and meets related to free markets in the K-12 space.

Julia Entrepreneurship Club for Girls

In Fall of 2014, we started an afterschool program for middle school girls that encourages Entrepreneurship among young women.  We use classroom excercises, socratic discussions and projects to get young women to think outside the 401k plans.  Contact us to learn more.

For Educators

Drop us a line learn how we can help create educational programs promoting free markets, provide free teaching materials, articles etc. for your school. 

For Students

Watch this space for upcoming essay contests with free giveaways including a Kindle fire HD.  Drop us a line if you are interested in creating free market clubs in your school.

VOLUNTEER Drop us a line if you are interested in volunteering.

Free Market Lesson Plans

Her Rights is partnering with Dr. Joab Corey this year to award two teachers with the most "free market oriented" lesson plans a kindle (Kindle Fire HD with 16MB) during his Economics, Environment, and Education in West Virginia" class.

Help us raise funds for this program.