“I strongly believe owning a gun is the right of every American citizen, man or woman. I also secretly thought I might not be able to control a gun, being small as I am. I’m glad to say I was sorely mistaken. The gun I felt most in control of firing was an assault rifle larger than my torso, and shotguns don’t actually kick back enough to throw tiny people like me across the room as Hollywood would have you believe. Anyone can work a gun, and in my opinion, everyone should. It is an equalizer, blind to gender and especially blind to size and strength. Learn to use one, and there is no correlation between ‘small’ and ‘weak’.” –Laal Herman


  1. More than 3 million women become vistims of abuse each year.
  2. Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self defense.
  3. Less than 8% of the time, citizens end up wounding or killing the offender.

You have the right to bear arms

gun rights, women's rights

Her Rights supports a woman's right to bear arms and defend her family. We want to move more women from victimhood to empowerment; and we want to move the perception of the second amendment from a hunting amendment to the one right that allowed the formation of our nation.  We also want more experienced women's voices in the gun debate. 

How do we get more women involved?

Her Rights provides FREE firearms training to women. Our goal is simple, in order to have a voice, one needs experience.  We aim to provide the opportunity to as many women as we can to experience first hand what it is like to handle a firearm, for both self defense of target practice.  It is our opinion that the more informed people are, the better decisions they will make.

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Familiarity and Fundamentals 1

Get familiar with the firearms and become comfortable with them by handling them and a brief introduction to using them.

Familiarity and Fundamentals 2

 Gain additional familiarity with fundamental techniques on grip and stance, and managing recoil.