Promoting gun rights, school choice and free market education

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FREE Familiarity and Fundamentals 1

Sunday, June 19, 8:00 a.m @ Gun World of South Florida

Never fired a gun before? Nervous about handling a gun? Not sure if gun ownership is right for you? Come to this free class to get a brief introduction to firearms and firearm safety and learn to handle them without fear.


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Gun Rights

Why do gun rights matter to a woman? A pistol is what allows a 110 pound woman to defend herself from a 220 pound man.  We support programs that provide women with hands-on weapons training for their own protection and that foster self-reliance.


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School Choice

One of the oldest entitlements has failed us systematically. K-12 schools are a monopoly especially for the nation's poor. We want to move the decisions related to school choice from bureaucrats to the nation's mothers.


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Free Market Education

Most kids entering college have already made up their minds about a lot of issues. In order to change the minds of the future generation, someone has to be talking about the merits of the free market system at a younger age.  Discover how to join our Entrepreneurship Club for girls.


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